ISO certificates

Dantherm Ltd is ISO 9001:2015 certified

2020/21 Quality Policy

This policy statement establishes the company commitment to ensure that everything we do is done well, and we continually strive to improve our business effectiveness, profitability and on-going investment. There are seven key objectives:

Organically grow revenue
By increasing both the UK core sales; including an improvement in service revenue.

Continuous improvement and customer satisfaction
Continue to strive for improved product quality and delivery performance.

Market leadership
Maintain and acquire additional market leadership by introducing cosmetic, functionality and efficiency improvements; and adding value for our customers.

Improve profit
Enhance profit by; improving productivity and reducing material expenditure.

Increase working capital
By improving cash flow and controlling inventory costs.

Employee satisfaction
Enhance satisfaction through improved communication and employee development.

Environmental controls
Continue the reduction of production scrap materials, reduce the amount and/or cost of energy consumption and reduce environmental waste.

Business Management System

Dantherm UK is committed to achieving the highest standards in all that it undertakes and will carry out its work to comply with relevant certified standards:


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