Calorex products

Hot water heat pumps

Pro-Pac 16AMY

Water heating

The Pro-Pac 16 AMY is an air source heat pump specifically designed for heating water to…

WW 304BH-WW 1254BH

Water heating

Calorex water to water heat pumps are ideal for hot water production up to 68°C. They have…

AW 834H-AW 7034H

Water heating

Commercial heat pumps & heat recovery

Specifically designed for hot water heating to 68°C, the 34 range heat pumps are the leading…

Pro-Pac 30H-140H

Water heating

Pro-Pac hot water heat pumps

The Pro-Pac range of air sourced hot water heat pumps are a quality range of packaged units…

AW 250SC-AW 450SC

Air cooling and water heating

Heat pumps & heat recovery

The AW 250SC and AW 450SC are compact wall mounted air cooling units, and are ideal for…