Preservation is the key to keeping your classic car in pristine condition

Dantherm Group are revving up for November’s Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show. This will be their fourth time at the show and will have products from Calorex, Dantherm and Master on display.

The show starting on 9 November is the ideal place to showcase their range of dehumidifiers for single garages to large car storage facilities. Dantherm and Calorex have a great selection of wall mounted dehumidifiers which will keep your classic cars in pristine condition providing an efficient and cost-effective alternative to drying using heat alone.

Their high-performance dehumidifiers recirculate the air and physically remove moisture from it which prevents the corrosion of vulnerable metal surfaces and body panels on cars. It also dries out damp garages substantially quicker than heat.

The Dantherm CDF’s are powerful and stylish dehumidifiers offering the best combination of efficiency, water removal capacity and low unit cost. With a newly developed remote control it allows reading and setting of relative humidity and temperature, alarms and service information. You can also avoid unintended change of settings as the remote control can be locked.

Calorex DH wall mounted series can dehumidify garages from 75m3 to 350m3, with our floor standing range going from 1000m3 to huge car storage facilities of up to 6000m3 with a single machine.

Dantherm Group also have a large selection of air heaters and fans from portable specialists Master Climate Solutions. Their range includes both indirect and direct oil fired, gas fired, hybrid, infrared and electric heaters, covering small to large areas that need to be heated quickly.

“Due to the great success of the show last year we are returning to showcase our large array of dehumidifiers for car storage. Over the years we have built up a reputation of being the company to go to for all your car preservation solutions,” said UK Sales & Operations Director, Ian Furmidge.

“The exhibition is a great place for customers to come and see, and get a closer look, at how a dehumidifier could work for their collection and we are sure visitors will be impressed with the range of products we now have on offer.”

Over the three days of the show Dantherm Group will also be offering a 30% discount on all dehumidifiers in our car storage brochure with great deals on Master heaters and fans that are purchased during the exhibition.

Dantherm Group will be located in Hall 1 on stand 1-266 for the three-day event, starting on 9 November.

For more information on our comprehensive range of high performance dehumidifiers visit our Car Storage application pages.