A cool and fresh workshop during a heatwave? Is it possible?

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Although it sounds impossible, it can be achieved with Master evaporative coolers. They use a natural process of water evaporation, which makes them economical to run and safe in operation, with no harmful refrigerants.

Powerful enough to lower the temperature by several degrees in areas up to 210 cubic metres. Large casters with brakes, enable easy movement around the workshop, so the unit can be taken to where it is most needed.

These qualities make the Master Bio coolers perfect for use in garages and workshops where dust, petrol and diesel fumes are often a problem, a situation aggravated by high temperatures. Powerful enough to work even in open workshops, Master Bio Coolers provide a welcome breath of fresh air.

The use of Master portable Bio Coolers also helps to eliminate the high insulation and maintenance costs of the standard traditional air conditioning. By using this economical and efficient equipment in smaller premise, they are a great temporary solution providing good comfort at work in a healthy environment.

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