A pool fit for the Glossy Posse!

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Located in an idyllic Gloucestershire hamlet, this stunning pool is the creation of pool specialists, New Dawn Pools whose expertise lies in creating a pool to complement and enhance its surroundings. It’s a shining example of how Certikin equipment is an integral part of any quality pool.

“Our expertise lies in making dreams come true, and whilst we deal with all ends of the price spectrum, we do unashamedly concentrate our efforts at the top end of the market,” says New Dawn Pools MD, Richard Adams.

We love the challenge of designing something that will complement its location and be considered a thing of beauty, which is why we always turn to Certikin for the superior quality ingredients.”

The well-connected owner of this beautiful pool gave Richard and the architects a brief to build an indoor pool sports and entertainment complex which works in its own right, thus eliminating the need to return to the main house.

The stunning finished building, located next door to a tennis court, therefore has two changing rooms, a WC, walk-in shower, extensive kitchen area, lounge area and gym, both with wide screen televisions.

The complex is equipped with a sophisticated surround sound system and mood lighting, both controlled from iPads. The theme for the ceiling and decor was chosen by the clients to replicate a restaurant they use when holidaying in the Caribbean.

The 10m x 4.5m varying depth, fully tiled pool features a Roldeck automatic cover in ‘cave’ with transparent slats, Calorex Variheat air handling unit, Certikin Lacron filter and Starite pump, two colour changing LED lights and Certikin stainless steel fittings including handrail for Roldeck safety.

Richard adds: “I have used Certikin as my main supplier for more years than I care to remember. We know that their products are of first class quality and they are not going to let us down. Not only that, if I encounter a problem I know that I can pick up the phone and someone will be there to guide me through it. That peace of mind counts for a lot.”

In the Variheat, Calorex has produced an incredibly versatile range of environmental control units that take care of heating, humidity control, dehumidification and energy recovery. With literally thousands of different configurations available as standard, there is a Variheat for every size and shape of plant room. Available exclusively from Certikin, it is exceptionally compact and easy to configure. Up-draught, down-draught, horizontal airflows, 90-degree turns, left and right handing are all easily achieved with service access to suit each project`s requirements.

Key features of the Variheat

Control upgrades for 2017

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