Calorex breathes new life into an old pool

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Calorex has helped breathe new life into an old swimming pool at Crows Nest Caravan Park in Filey near Scarborough.

The 12m x 5m pool underwent a complete refurbishment at the beginning of the year, which included upgrading the heat recovery system.

The work was carried out by Ryedale Swimming Pools of York, who have maintained the pool at the park for almost 25 years.

David Maltby of Ryedale Swimming Pools explains: “The previous heat recovery system had come to the end of its life and needed to be replaced. Having been a Calorex customer for many years, I had no hesitation in recommending a Delta system.”
He adds: “The quiet operation and low running costs associated with the unit were particularly welcomed by the park owners.”

On advice from the experts at Calorex and Certikin, David specified a Delta 6 unit. These clever machines are designed to control the environment, pool water and air temperature all through one simple PLC controller and with pool water heat recovery as a standard feature throughout the range.
David comments: “The installation of the Delta was very straightforward and I was impressed with the level of service from the delivery driver who helped unload the unit and move it into position.

“Since it was installed in February the Delta has been providing trouble-free service at the holiday park.”

With new touch screen technology and a remote internet connection, Calorex’s upgraded Delta range allows the user to control the pool room directly from a smartphone. All the models in the range now come with a 5.7” touch screen display providing a more flexible approach to system management. The unit can be controlled and adjusted on-site to match fan speeds precisely to ductwork resistance and automatically vary exhaust speeds to match building load requirements.

Designed and manufactured in the UK under ISO9001 compliance, the highly innovative Delta range also features new EC/inverter fans as standard. These new fans are approximately 20% more efficient due to the ability to adjust and control fan speed based upon demand through the PLC controller which allows the overall system efficiency to improve by up to 40%.

Typically, for every unit of power that a Calorex unit consumes, it will convert three times this amount to useable heat. The potential energy savings are huge. In fact, compared to traditional heat and ventilation energy, cost savings of over 60% are achievable while corresponding C02 emissions can be dramatically reduced by up to 70%.

For more information on the comprehensive range of high performance units, contact the heating and ventilation division of UK distributor, Certikin International. t. 01993 778855 | e. | w.

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