Calorex dehumidifiers are high flyers

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When leading aerospace component manufacturers Preci-Spark invested in a new 600m3 storage facility, they turned to Calorex for advice on humidity control.

The experts at Calorex responded by specifying and supplying two DH 150 ducted dehumidifiers to maintain the humidity levels within the storage facility.

With uncontrolled storage comes the high risk of oxidisation and it is therefore essential to control and reduce humidity.

Preci-Spark delivers components, complex fabrications and assemblies for the latest commercial aircraft engines and semi-conductor equipment. Storage of such equipment, and particularly steel, at the correct humidity is critical and can often reduce the requirement for additional surface protection systems whilst in storage.

Will Jones of Preci-Spark explains: “With the wide variety and large number of different components we manufacture there is a multitude of associated tooling for the jobs. This requires storage at the right humidity levels.

“We have been installing Calorex equipment since 2007 and have found their products to be a reliable and effective way of controlling the humidity in the storage areas of our facilities.”

The Calorex DH 150 dehumidifiers at the Preci-Spark facility provide a reliable and efficient method of solving problems of excess moisture and condensation that can cause damage and deterioration.

Drying by traditional heating involves continuously warming a stream of outside air on a constant ‘in and out’ cycle equivalent to eight times the volume of the room every hour. Dehumidification, on the other hand, is much more sophisticated. It re-circulates the same air and physically removes moisture from it.

Typically, for every unit of energy that a Calorex dehumidifier consumers, it will convert 2.5 times this amount to useable heat. The potential energy savings are huge. In fact, compared to traditional heat and ventilation energy, cost savings of 500% are not unusual.

Will adds: “There has been some ongoing challenges with combing the right amount of heating to the storage areas combined with the de-humidification, but I am overall happy with the performance of the DH150s. We will be returning to Calorex for any future requirements.”

The DH 150, 300 and 600 high performance dehumidifiers from Calorex are versatile floor standing units that are suitable for a number of applications including:

• Industrial agricultural

• Warehousing/equipment stores

• Metals storage

• Pumping stations

• Spare part stores

• Museums and art galleries

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