Calorex Delta is top of the class

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The new style Delta 14 was selected as a direct replacement for an old Delta model, which had provided 15 years of trouble-free service at the school.

Scott Birnie, Head of Hospitality & Leisure at Kingham Hill School explains: “The 25m, five-lane pool at the school is used by pupils, prep schools and members of the local community during school hours and is also hired out at evenings and weekends for swimming lessons and clubs.
“The previous Delta unit had done a sterling job, but after 15 years of continuous service it had pretty much reached the end of its life and was increasingly needing repairs and maintenance.”
Scott turned to Calorex’s long-standing approved service agent Central Heat Pumps, who suggested upgrading the unit to a new Delta 14.

These clever machines are designed to control the environment, pool water and air temperature all through one simple PLC controller and with pool water heat recovery as a standard feature throughout the range.
With new touch screen technology and a remote internet connection, Calorex’s upgraded Delta range allows the user to control the pool room directly from a smartphone. All the models in the range now come with a 5.7” touch screen display providing a more flexible approach to system management. The unit can be controlled and adjusted on-site to match fan speeds precisely to ductwork resistance and automatically vary exhaust speeds to match building load requirements.

Designed and manufactured in the UK under ISO9001 compliance, the highly innovative Delta range also features new EC/inverter fans as standard. These new fans are approximately 20 per cent more efficient due to the ability to adjust and control fan speed based upon demand through the PLC controller which allows the overall system efficiency to improve by up to 40%.

Typically, for every unit of power that a Calorex unit consumes, it will convert three times this amount to useable heat. The potential energy savings are huge. In fact, compared to traditional heat and ventilation energy, cost savings of over 60% are achievable while corresponding C02 emissions can be dramatically reduced by up to 70%.

Paul Casey of Central Heat Pumps comments: “The installation at Kingham Hill School went even better than anticipated, largely due to Calorex’s delivery driver who kindly unloaded the unit and placed it in situ for us, which was a great help. “Overall we have been really impressed with the new Delta. The digital enhancements were daunting at first, but the experts at Calorex have been on-hand to offer training and technical advice.”

Since installation, the Delta has been efficiently maintaining constant water and air temperatures of 30°C and 30.1°C respectively at Kingham Hill School.

Scott Birnie concludes: “We have been impressed with the accuracy of the Delta, which keeps the water and air temperatures spot on. Another noticeable difference has been the reduction of noise within the pool hall, which has been especially beneficial for our teachers during swimming lessons.”

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