Calorex drives away car corrosion

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You may have never seen a 1982 Porsche 944 cruising the streets of England, but a large number of classic cars like it are being kept in their best condition – parked in air-conditioned and dehumidified garages across the country.

TMS Car Storage, a Warwickshire-based business, recently celebrated their first anniversary in October 2016, and within 12-months of opening their doors to the public their capacity for the storage of classic cars is almost full.

And they are indebted to the services of Calorex for keeping their fast-growing business moving for the job they do in protecting their client’s cars.

Glen Matthew, owner of TMS Car Storage, knows the importance a dehumidifier has brought to his business and admits that their two DH 150’s, purchased back in November 2015, have become one of the most important acquisitions for his company.

“It wasn’t until we spoke to Calorex and got the dehumidifiers up and running that our business really kicked off,” admitted Matthew. “We have seen a real increase in custom since their installation and it was a key purchase for us. “Previously, our storage facility wasn’t as dry as it should have been and we weren’t able to control the humidity like we needed. But the Calorex dehumidifiers have solved that problem and we haven’t looked back since.”

Dehumidifiers play a key role in keeping cars in pristine condition and there is a vital reason why they are being installed in garages and storage companies across the country.The threat of rust and corrosion can have serious consequences to the value of a classic car which no amount of cleaning or polishing is likely to resolve.

Steel and other corrosive metals will degrade if stored in humidity above 55 percent, so dehumidifiers play a vital role in removing potentially harmful moisture from the atmosphere.Calorex dehumidifiers not only stop rust and mould, but also eliminate condensation and prevent corrosion. Engineered to use 75% less energy than heating methods, all Calorex units are carbon and environmentally friendly and are simple to install and operate.

Matthew continued: “Our storage facility currently has the capability of holding approximately 35 cars in the one unit. We decided to purchase two units to cover the vast space that we have and it’s certainly working for us. “The sales team at Calorex ran us through various options that would help us solve the problems we were encountering and they have provided us with instant success.”

So with capacity almost reached within 12-months, what’s next for TMS Car Storage? Could more Calorex dehumidifiers be delivered to the company in the near future?

Matthew concluded: “We have plans in place to increase our capacity further still – so I would never rule out us purchasing another Calorex dehumidifier.

“Increasing our capacity will enable us to provide premium storage for more vehicles whilst maintaining our high standards of care and customer service.

“The next couple of months is set to be a very busy period for the business, as many people are seeking to have their pride and joy kept in an optimum environment for the winter.

“Our customers know the importance of keeping their vehicle in the correct environment and now with our Calorex dehumidifiers, they will be safe in the knowledge that they will be getting the best conditions.”

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