Calorex heads out on the open water

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The Red Jet 6, Red Funnel’s largest ever hi-speed passenger ferry is currently under construction on the Isle of Wight.

The £6m state-of-the-art vessel is being built by Shemara Refit LLP for delivery to Red Funnel in June 2016. Red Jet 6 will also be the greenest ship in Red Funnel’s fleet with a host of design features to reduce running costs and protect the environment in line with the company’s ISO 1400:1 accreditation.

The Calorex DT 3000 dehumidifier was carefully chosen for its energy efficient credentials to control the humidity on board the brand new vessel in particular to prevent condensation on the cabin windows.

“The Calorex dehumidifier is are an essential component of the Red Jet 6 as it processes the air in the passenger accommodation and also within the bridge,” explains Mark Slawson, Red Funnel’s fleet and technical director.

“One of the key considerations in the design on the ferry is passenger comfort and the sophisticated air handling system is an important part of that.”

Mark adds: “We had previously installed the same Calorex system on the Red Jet 3 and the Red Jet 4 and following the success of those we had no hesitation in specifying the Calorex unit again for the newest member of the Red Funnel fleet.”

Calorex’s efficient and cost effective range of packaged adsorption dehumidifiers are specially designed for humidity control across a wide range of dew-point temperatures.

At the heart of each dehumidifier unit is a rotor impregnated with silica gel. When air is passed across the process sector of the rotor, moisture is absorbed by the silica gel. In order to allow the unit to continually adsorb moisture, preheated ambient air is drawn across the rotor’s regeneration sector. As the regeneration air passes across the silica gel, it removes trapped moisture. This moisture laden air is then rejected outside. The regenerated silica gel is then slowly rotated back into the process are stream, allowing the dehumidification process to operate on a continuous basis.

Desiccant dehumidifiers are particularly suited to single pass air flow applications with low humidity levels, including:

• Food production

• Process air systems

• Pharmaceutical productions

• Pumping stations

• Electronics manufacture

• Cold store ice prevention

The Red Jet 6 will be officially named in Cowes at a prestigious ceremony on 4 July 2016 and will enter service later that month ferrying passengers between UK port of Southampton and West Cowes.

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