Calorex is first choice again for holiday park

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Swimming conditions for guests and staff at Kelling Heath Holiday Park in Norfolk have recently been transformed thanks to the replacement of a Calorex Heat Recovery Dehumidifier air-handling unit.

The Calorex HRD 15 heat pump dehumidifier was specified for the indoor pool project by air conditioning and refrigeration specialists A&S Cooling Services Ltd. The previous Calorex HRD had been there since 2000, giving nearly 15 years of trouble free service during that time.

“A Calorex HRD 15 unit was selected as a like-for-like comparison of the old unit,” explains Glen Steward, director at AS Cooling Services Ltd. “Calorex’s technology has moved on since the old unit was fitted, so the new unit is an up-to-date and more durable version.”

He added: “The project involved removing an old Calorex unit and retrofitting the new system in the plant room. The complex positioning of the existing unit on a first floor gantry lead to a few challenges when removing the unit and installing the new one, but it has since been working well and doing exactly what it says on the tin.”

Energy-efficient HRD systems, designed by Calorex of Essex, recover latent energy in the moist air of a pool hall and return this energy to heat the pool water or use it to assist with pool air heating.

As well as providing humidity, air and water temperature control, Calorex HRD units can reduce energy usage by up to 70% and lessen associated CO2 emissions by up to 70%, when compared to conventional full fresh air systems with cross plate exchangers.

We are very happy with the new Calorex unit and it has made a noticeable difference to the comfort of the pool area for our guests and helps to further reduce our energy use in the leisure centre,” comments Nicola Badley, environment and procurement officer at Kelling Heath Holiday Park.

The upgrade to the pool ventilation system at Kelling Heath are part of a £300,000 refurbishment of the leisure facilities, which also includes a new spa, steam room, sauna and poolside showers, plus changing rooms, reception area and gym.

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