Calorex protects national treasures

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Dehumidifiers from Calorex are playing a vital role in the protection of national treasures housed at that the Courtauld Institute of Art at Somerset House, in central London.

Standing on the banks of the River Thames, the 18th century palace houses the Courtauld’s world-famous collection of old master, impressionist and post- impressionist paintings, sculptures and applied arts, alongside a renowned collection of prints and drawings including works by Cézanne, Manet, Michelangelo, Rembrandt and Turner.

Chelmsford-based Adcock Refrigeration & Air Conditioning specified the installation of Calorex DehuTech desiccant dehumidifiers to control humidity in four, 8ft x 12ft brick- lined, underground vaults, located in the Witt Library at the Courtauld Institute of Art.

“The units work around the clock to maintain the correct humidity levels in each of the four vaults which house thousands of nitrate negatives and form part of a permanent archive of worldwide works of art,” commented the Courtauld’s Facilities Manager, Alan Train.

“These negatives date back from pre-1970 and although we cannot stop their deterioration over time, we can dramatically slow the process down by carefully controlling humidity levels in the vaults,” he added.

Long term storage of film media requires the creation of a low humidity, low temperature environment, usually around 10°C and less than 40% relative humidity and Calorex DehuTech desiccant dehumidifiers are capable of achieving these required low levels.

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