Calorex supply hot water heat pumps in the coolest of surroundings

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There are not many hotels in Oman, or maybe the world, that can boast the breath-taking views or luxury surroundings that the Al Baleed offers.

Located in the city of Salalah, the resort lies between a beach and a freshwater lagoon and is a gateway to Oman’s cultural treasures.

With its tranquil location and surrounding beauty, the Al Baleed resort is a big hit with tourists wishing to explore Oman’s interior; but it’s complexity of boasting 96 villas, including 88 private pool properties and three restaurants, further defined by the desire to be accredited as a LEED project, meant a sophisticated, low carbon design was required.

Working alongside the project MEP consultants, Scott Wilson – Al Ansari and Calorex were chosen to design and supply hot water systems throughout the development, which included the supply of heat pumps, tanks, pumps and controls. All aspects of the design were required to follow LEED principles, but equally so, provide guest comfort at five-star level.

42 different Calorex heat pumps were used, ranging from sizes to cater for hot water demands throughout the luxury bungalows to units capable of meeting the heavy restaurant and club house demands. All the equipment can provide 100% of the predicted daily loads and every heat pump is fitted with WRAS approved heat exchangers – a standard that certifies conformity with potable water regulations.

VP of Calorex Export Sales, Richard Carrington said: “Hotels are always looking to see how they can run more efficiently and be kinder to the environment.

“Unlike fossil fuel and direct electric heating systems, a Calorex heat pump is capable of delivering up to five times more energy than it consumes, and unlike solar and wind powered systems, Calorex heat pumps do not need the sun to shine or the wind to blow in order to provide this efficiency. Our heat pumps are an ideal solution for energy efficient hot water heating in hotels at a low cost.”

Carrington added: “The heat pumps were also purpose designed to heat hot water in the Oman climate and featured R134a refrigerant, WRAS approved heat exchangers, super quiet centrifugal fans, plastisol coated cabinets and customised control panels to suit our customers’ requirements.”

Calorex air source heat pumps use dynamic renewable technology sourcing heat from every climatic condition and are available in different designs to suit space or hot water heating.

Hot water heat pumps are particularly suited to hotter climates such as the Middle East and South East Asia, and Calorex heat pumps are specifically designed to maximise the benefit these temperate climates offer. All Calorex hot water heat pumps are pre-charged with R134a – an ozone friendly refrigerant that can reliably provide hot water up to 68°C – and in all climates, hot or cold.

As a further benefit, all Calorex heat pumps have industry leading efficiencies and exceptionally quiet cutting edge fans. They also feature WRAS approved heat exchangers. WRAS is a conformance mark that demonstrates that an item complies to strict standards set out by UK water regulations.

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