Can dehumidification keep you on track? Dantherm Group to exhibit at Infrarail 2018

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Dantherm Group will be part of the 12th international railway infrastructure exhibition in the UK – Infrarail 2018 – and will bring with them their vast array of products to tackle network cooling and dehumidification.

However, it won’t just be our many ventilation systems that will be on show at the London Excel between 1-3 May. Dantherm Group believe there has now become a need for dehumidification to be part of the process that helps protect the damage of valuable equipment stored in REBs, PSPs and switch rooms.

The Calorex DH 60 is a high-performance dehumidifier, with very low power consumption, which will control atmospheric conditions by taking potentially damaging moisture out of the air.

Packed with loads of features, including remote humidistat and quiet centrifugal fans, the DH 60 converts energy taken out of the room (chamber) as moisture to provide useful heat to warm the room.

Dantherm Group will also be showcasing their Flexibox unit, which is designed specifically with electronics cooling in mind and the AIRMAZE CUBE, which is capable of removing wind-driven water and sand particles from even high air speed applications.

The Flexibox unit offers Free Cooling and is a cost-effective controlled ventilation system that tackles most climate conditions. It also provides total heat management and significant energy savings on cooling in Relocatable Equipment Buildings, Principle Supply Points, switch rooms and electronic enclosures.

Export Sales Manager, Colin Crawford, said: “Our focus for this exhibition is to highlight some of work we have done in the network rail industry over the years and to introduce new products from the Dantherm Group range.

“We are market leaders in our field, having more than 20 years of developing and producing cooling solutions for electronics, as well as over 60 years of experience in designing and manufacturing high quality and energy efficient equipment.”

Dantherm Group will be located on stand H57 for the two-day event and we will have no fewer than 13 different products at the show culminating in some of the best machines from Aerial, Calorex, Master and Dantherm.

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