Calorex helps pull the perfect pint

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AB Vickers, a market leader in the technology of specialist products used in brewing beer, has opted for a Calorex dehumidifier, for the second time, to ensure optimum environmental conditions are sustained in the drying room of its Burton Upon Trent processing plant.

When an updated model was required due to process changes that required a higher drying room temperature, Williams Air Conditioning recommended a Calorex DH 300 to replace a Calorex DH 150 unit that has been in situ for more than a decade.“The original DH 150 had been successfully maintaining the conditions within the drying room, however, the client required a unit that would run at a higher temperature. The DH 300 model was specified for this reason,” explains Bill Pratt of Williams Air Conditioning.

“DH 300s run at an average of 30°C, so the unit we installed was modified to run at the desired temperature of 40°C and humidity at 15%.”

AB Vickers is a market leader the technology of isinglass and other brewing aids. Isinglass is a pure form of collagen collected from the dried swim bladders of tropical and sub-tropical fish, typically cat fish, and is used to accelerate the clarification of beer.As part of the production process, isinglass must be dried before it can be made into a powder and it is in the drying room that this process takes place at the AB Vickers factory.

Drying by traditional heating involves continuously warming a stream of outside air on a constant ‘in and out’ cycle equivalent to eight times the volume of a room every hour.Dehumidification, on the other hand, is much more sophisticated because it recirculates the same air and physically removes moisture from it. This eliminates the need to continuously reheat incoming air. Not only that, a dehumidifier will cleverly convert energy taken out of the room as moisture (latent energy) to create sensible energy that can be used to heat a room, so accelerating the drying process.

Dehumidification is also more energy and cost efficient. Typically, for every unit of energy that a Calorex dehumidifier consumes, it will convert 2.5 this amount to useable heat. The potential energy savings are huge. The DH 300 high capacity dehumidifiers from Calorex are suitable for a number of applications including:

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