Sweet success for Calorex

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Sugar confectionery specialists, Tangerine Confectionery, have chosen a Calorex desiccant dehumidifier to control humidity at their factory in Pontefract.

The manufacturing of sweets can be a sticky process and the Calorex DT 1000 dehumidifier helps to maintain crucial humidity levels of between 30 and 40% RH (relative humidity) throughout the production process. The Calorex dehumidifier was specified and installed by Peterborough-based Temperature Solutions UK. “Having worked with Calorex on other projects and been impressed with the performance and reliability, I had no hesitation in recommending a Calorex unit for the Tangerine Confectionary facility,” says Stuart Wallace of Temperature Solutions.

“The dehumidifier works alongside a temperature control system, which maintains a consistent temperature of between 18 and 20°C in the manufacturing area. The self-contained unit was simple to install and has been successfully providing ideal conditions at the facility since it was installed last year.”

Calorex’s efficient and cost effective range of packaged adsorption dehumidifiers are specially designed for humidity control across a wide range of dew-point temperatures.

At the heart of each dehumidifier unit is a rotor impregnated with silica gel. When air is passed across the process sector of the rotor, moisture is absorbed by the silica gel. In order to allow the drier to continually adsorb moisture, preheated ambient air is drawn across the rotor’s regeneration sector. As the regeneration air passes across the silica gel, it removes trapped moisture. This moisture laden air is then rejected outside. The regenerated silica gel is then slowly rotated back into the process are stream, allowing the dehumidification process to operate on a continuous basis.

Calorex desiccant units are ideal for low temperature and low humidity operation and are suitable for a number of applications including:

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