Chrome cars keep shining thanks to Calorex dehumidifiers

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It may yet be unheard of but, a small motoring haven that features some of the best classic cars, will soon be on display for the British public and Calorex are playing their part in this ambitious venture.

The finishing touches for the two-man team at Chrome Classic Investments are almost in place and the doors will soon be opening to the public as they get set to unveil this rather unique type of car business.

For this is no ordinary car storage business – far from it. As Aidan Sunter, one of the Directors behind the company explains.

His company is for the person who has the ‘emotion and passion’ for owning a unique piece of car memorabilia. From storing, brokering, buying and selling classic cars, to offering a customer the opportunity to ‘dress’ their garage with car automobilia and petroliana memorabilia, this company have the ambition to be the one-stop shop for motor enthusiasts.

“The business came about through my own love of cars,” admitted Sunter. “I have personally been collecting car memorabilia, such as signage, and have a passion for classic motors.“This business will be for someone looking to get more out of classic ownership than just buying or storing a vehicle. This is for the enthusiast. It is for the person who is looking to enhance and tailor their car ownership experience.“We will be offering many different services, which I hope will make us unique to any other car storage or dealership out there. When you buy a vehicle we offer our customers a range of other services, such as a dressing garages, valeting / detailing, professional photographic opportunities and car sourcing.”

So, where do Calorex come into this exciting project? Well, with approximately 30 cars in storage at this early stage, the prime focus for the team at Chrome Classic Investments is keeping their prized possessions in the most pristine condition. From protecting rust on the outside of a vehicle to the leather on the inside, a Calorex dehumidifier plays a key role in this type of business.

The threat of rust and corrosion can have serious consequences to the value of a classic car which no amount of cleaning or polishing is likely to resolve. Steel and other corrosive metals will degrade if stored in humidity above 60 percent, so dehumidifiers play a vital role in removing potentially harmful moisture from the atmosphere. The heat pump technology used to dry the air, consumes only 25 percent of the energy needed to use heating alone.

Talking about why Chrome decided to pick a Calorex dehumidifier for this project, fellow Director Perry Ataliotis admitted that the professional service and level of knowledge from Sales Manager Jeremy Neale was a key factor.

A Calorex DH300 dehumidifier
A Calorex DH 300 dehumidifier

“We spoke to about five different companies about a solution for the building,” said Ataliotis.“It felt like many of the other firms we spoke to had a high level of stock of certain items and were trying to sell them to us, without a detailed understanding of the specific needs of our facilities.“When we spoke to Jeremy, his knowledge of car storage was excellent, and he knew exactly what were we after to help get this project off the ground. He ran us through several different options and we had a full level of support from him when we made an initial enquiry.“The dehumidifiers supplied have been an excellent solution. They are doing exactly what we are after. They draw a lot of moisture from the air and are providing a heated environment keeping the motors and their interiors in excellent condition.”

Two Calorex DH 300’s were chosen for this particular project to meet the required dehumidification capacity and at the same time ensure a good distribution of dry air. Future plans for Chrome Classic Investments include a possible second location on the outskirts of London and although that is not immediate, Calorex could soon be linking up once again with this ambitious firm.

Talking about the project, Neale added: “Calorex were delighted to be part of this special project. What Chrome Classic Investments have done is unique, but so intuitive, that it has all the makings of being a big success. In all of my years working with car-storage companies, I have never come across a business like it.“The Calorex DH 300 units offer a very high dehumidification capacity combined with great efficiency. Compared to either heating of desiccant drying, the choice of Calorex units makes sense from their efficiency alone. This is also backed up by our nationwide network of service engineers.”

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