Preservation is the key to keeping your classic car in pristine condition

Preventing your classic car from rust, mould and corrosion is always an ongoing threat and can have serious consequences to the value of a classic car which no amount of cleaning or polishing is likely to resolve.

Steel and other materials will degrade if stored in humidity above 60 percent, so dehumidifiers play a vital role in removing potentially harmful moisture from the atmosphere.

Dehumidifiers recirculate the air and physically remove moisture from it which prevents corrosion of vulnerable metal surfaces and body panels, to the point where cars can be stored for indefinite periods of time without moisture related degradation. They will also dry a vehicle if it is returned to the garage whilst wet and provide a degree of background heating.

The group’s wall mounted, and floor standing dehumidifiers will provide the right climatic conditions for a single car garage to huge car storage facilities of up to 6000m3 with a single machine.

Over the years Calorex and Dantherm dehumidifiers along with the knowledgeable staff have earned the reputation of being the people to come to for classic car preservation solutions.

Perry Ataliotis from Chrome PSG said “The dehumidifiers supplied have been an excellent solution. They are doing exactly what we are after. They draw a lot of moisture from the air and are providing a heated environment keeping the motors and their interiors in excellent condition.”

With Glen Matthew from TMS Car Storage adding, “It wasn’t until we spoke to Calorex and got the dehumidifiers up and running that our business really kicked off. Previously, our storage facility wasn’t as dry as it should have been, and we weren’t able to control the temperature like we needed. But the Calorex dehumidifiers have solved that problem and we haven’t looked back since.”

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