Calorex provides humidity control at Colchester Zoo

Damage caused by high humidity levels in the Koi Carp building at Colchester Zoo has been stopped in its tracks, following the installation of a Calorex dehumidifier.

Ranked as the 11th best zoo in the world, Colchester has a number of Koi Carp and Japanese Bitterling housed in a Japanese-influenced exhibit named Koi Niwa. Within the exhibit building there are two large pools and two filtration systems visible to visitors.

John Game, deputy estates manager at Colchester Zoo explains: “We were having problems with condensation within the Koi Niwa building which had led to the discolouration of the internal bamboo cladding.

“Following technical guidance from Calorex, a wall mounted DH 60AX dehumidifier unit was fitted to remove moisture from the atmosphere.

“The unit was good value for money and we were very happy with the service provided by Calorex.”

For more information visit our Calorex dehumidifiers product page.

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