Dantherm Group can help beat Storm Eleanor

The UK suffered a brutal night at the hands of Storm Eleanor yesterday (Tuesday 2 January) and with 50 flood warnings in place across England, and more than 40 in Wales and Scotland, Dantherm Group could help you if you have been affected by flood damage.

The Met Office recorded gusts reaching 100mph overnight with a yellow warning in place on Wednesday morning across England, Wales, most of Northern Ireland and parts of southern Scotland.

Storm Eleanor is the fifth-named storm of the season to hit these shores and Dantherm Group have been helping play a vital role for businesses and small properties hit by the troubles of flooding.

Dantherm CDT units

Dantherm CD 30
Dantherm CD 30

The Dantherm Group mobile drying range has dehumidifiers to suit every application whatever size or demand. The groups professional restoration series consists of the efficient and stylish Dantherm CDT dehumidifiers. They offer quick and easy control for both damage service companies and the building industry. The CDT units are renowned for their user-friendliness, great digital control and light yet robust design. Damage control in case of flooding, burst water pipes or as a side-effect from fire fighting requires fast and efficient dehumidification. This is why damage service companies all over the world prefer the Dantherm CDT range of mobile dehumidifiers for the job.

They are fast and energy efficient. They offer precise digital settings, service information, easy fault-finding and exact specification of hour and energy consumption as well as readings of temperature and relative humidity. On top of this they are designed for optimal transport and handling.

Master units

As well as the CDT dehumidifiers, we can also offer Master units for rental and general purpose drying. These units come in a range of styles and sizes and are a great addition to the groups range.

The Dantherm Group manufacture portable dehumidifiers in a range of sizes to suit any space so whatever you need, Dantherm Group have the solution.

If you need any assistance, contact Dantherm Group on 01621 856611 or email us at sales@calorex.com.

For further information on all our mobile dehumidifiers that help tackle flooding, click here.

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