Dantherm Group service team are top of the class

Eleven years ago, the swimming pool building at Dollar Academy, The Sunday Times 2018 Independent Secondary School of the year in Scotland, underwent a major refurbishment.

Having seen a DanX unit in operation at Crieff Hydro, pool complex manager Russell Kidd and his team were suitably impressed with the whole ventilation system and decided that this was the right unit for the job.

At the time, Pool Ventilation Sales Manager Jamie Herdman was on hand to provide his expert knowledge and specified a DanX 5/10 to maintain the pool hall conditions at 30°C/60%RH.

The DanX arrived in late July 2007 and was installed at the school. The Dantherm service team tested and then commissioned unit. Dantherm’s Allan Jerome has been their twice-yearly service engineer since the AHU was commissioned. “He is full of charm and good heartedness” said Mr Kidd, “I feel that we have built up a very good relationship over the years and when it comes to the odd hiccup with the system, a quick phone call to Allan or the service team soon sorts the situation out.”

“The service visits are very unobtrusive and do not affect the running of the building even when it is powered down for a short time. The visits are roughly six months apart and Dollar are normally happy to accommodate the suggested dates offered at the initial contact.”

“The DanX 5/10 is now 11 years old, and with the exception of the very occasional sensor not working or diode popping, it has been a very good unit and has coped well with our cold Scottish weather. If it proves itself for another 11, it will outdo my time here!” Mr Kidd added.

The Dantherm Group Service Team are based in our Clevedon office and are committed to providing the highest standards of customer and product care and offer a range of value for money service packages to ensure peace of mind.

Dantherm and Calorex between them have 90 years trading experience supplying and maintaining a wide range of heat pump, ventilation and dehumidification products to UK customers. Skilled and experienced service engineers can best maintain the finest ventilation equipment to keep it operating at peak performance.

Our service philosophy is to provide a service care program to match the high quality of our equipment and a comprehensive range of service options for our customers.

For more information contact the Dantherm Service Team on 01275 876851 or email service.department@dantherm.com

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