Dantherm.com/uk website redirected to danthermgroup.co.uk

As of 28 August, 2018 the dantherm.com/uk website is being redirected to danthermgroup.co.uk

All Dantherm Group brands in the UK will now be found on our danthermgroup.co.uk which allows our visitors to search for all group products on one site.

The UK website allows you to search by application, product, brand or sector with all the latest UK news on the home page for all products.

Anne Guerrero, UK Marketing Manager said: “We now have all group products under one roof making it easy for our online users to find any of our heating, cooling, drying and ventilation products and the right person to contact in the UK.”

Products are categorised by Mobile, Pool, Commercial/Industrial, Residential, Brands by Aerial, Calorex, Dantherm, Master and Sectors by To Heat, To Cool, To Dry, To Ventilate.

All former dantherm.com/uk pages will point to danthermgroup.co.uk

For all enquiries please fill out our Contact Form.

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