Data protected thanks to a group solution

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Ensuring that electronic equipment in data centres is stored in the right air surroundings is paramount, and Calorex have once again played their part in solving this solution for a Sydney based company.

Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions are a long-standing expertise company offering bespoke solutions in project management and programs of works relating to data centres and critical environments.

But, despite their expertise, a recent project saw the team at Brookfield call upon the help of Calorex and Master when a data centre needed just over five megawatt of electric heating capacity to ‘load test’ the air-conditioning system in a large server room.

Data centres, whether new build or a refurbishment, are designed and expected to run continuously and reliably and getting the cooling balance right is essential.

With that in mind, many tests go on behind-the-scenes prior to being ready. The data centre facility should be tested at a variety of load levels, working up to 100 percent load as well as testing the infrastructure by mimicking the characteristics of the IT equipment as closely as possible.

To solve this problem, 80 Master B 22 electric fan heaters were chosen to perform this critical task, and this was overlooked by Dantherm Group Area Sales Manager’s Joost Meijerink and Alberto Scoretti, who provided Brookfield’s supplier Maurclaw with exactly the equipment they needed.

Meijerink said: “Maurclaw needed to supply the heaters fast to the client, any delay threatened to cause expensive postponements in the commissioning.

“We managed to source the required heating capacity and shipped them over within a week. Maurclaw were extremely impressed with the service, fast turnaround and the inexpensive price.”

Master electric fan heaters are highly efficient devices widely used in variety of applications. They provide clean, fast and safe heating. Electric heaters are ideal for temporary or emergency heating as they are easy to use and fully portable. Master electric heaters use only certified top-quality components, which ensures their reliability and efficiency.

Dantherm Group also provides dehumidification solutions for data centres by controlling humidity in the rooms. A Calorex DH 150 dehumidifier will control atmospheric conditions by taking potentially damaging moisture out of the air and have very low power consumption and low maintenance costs which are ideal for data centre applications.

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