Dismantled the old, rebuilt the new, all ahead of schedule!

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After 20 years of providing the swimmers of Mexborough with warm, dry swimming conditions, it was finally time to replace the Calorex HRD air handling unit operating at Dearne Valley Leisure Centre.

Doncaster Culture & Leisure Trust (DCLT) who run 13 leisure and activity centres in the North of England including Dearne Valley approached Dantherm Group to look at options for the replacement of the pool unit.

Pool Dehumidification Sales Manager Matt Filer put forward several options including a Dantherm DanX but on review it was decided that due to the severe access restrictions to the plant space, for cost effectiveness and for minimal impact on the day to day running of the leisure centre, the best option would be to go with a Calorex HRD replacement but with an upgrade to the new PLC controller complete with touchscreen.

DCLT appointed Glen Wilson as main contractor, as they had expertly undertaken several other turnkey projects for them in the past.

The HRD was ordered with the original unit having to be completely stripped down and dismantled before the new unit could be delivered then rebuilt inside the plant room.

One of our most experienced Calorex installers, Central Heat Pumps Ltd, impressively rebuilt the unit two weeks ahead of schedule with the HRD being commissioned in December.

Matt Filer said, “This was a great example of how the Dantherm Group was able to offer two solutions for a project. Either fresh air dehumidification with heat recovery from out DanX range or heat pump dehumidification with air to air and air to water heat recovery from our Calorex HRD range.

“Our contractor and installer worked really well together providing the first-class service that we at Dantherm Group are always striving for.”

“I am always on-hand post and pre-sale to provide the customer with all the information they need to get the job done, and to make sure perfect pool conditions are achieved 24/7 with energy cost initiatives always at the forefront when specifying a project.” He added.

The Calorex HRD range are sophisticated air handling units incorporating hybrid heat pump and fresh air dehumidification technology. With dynamic heat recovery to swimming pool water and air using a heat pump, the HRD is the ultimate solution for a leisure centre swimming pool. This range is purpose designed for swimming pool environmental control, providing the necessary comfort, moisture related structural protection and economical operation.

For more information on these products contact Matt at matthew.filer@dantherm.com

Old Calorex HRD
Old Calorex HRD
New Calorex HRD being dismantled
New Calorex HRD being dismantled
Calorex HRD being installed
Calorex HRD being installed

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