Don’t get left high and dry, Aerial has the perfect solution

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When Rainbow International needed the latest technology in wall injection drying equipment, the Dantherm Group was excited to offer the Essex-based company one of the newest products on the market.

To be used in a housing complex, the task facing Greg Clarke at Rainbow International was simple – to pressure dry the internal walls due to water in-depth in the cavities which had left the property subject to severe dampness.

Looking for a new solution, Clarke turned to Dantherm Group who provided him with Aerial’s brilliant new pressure and suction drying machine – making his company the first to try out the equipment in the UK.

The set-up he used was made up of a dehumidifier, the AD 740, and Aerial’s AERCUBE series which incorporates a side channel blower and a sound cube, which reduces noise levels made by the machine by approximately 19 decibels.

But what makes these units so unique is their ability to be easily stacked together, easily transportable and so robust that they would tackle dampness on any building site.

After just a week of using the equipment, the equipment is already earning high praise from Clarke, who has been impressed with its ease of use.

“The Aerial equipment has been brilliant and early signs show that the unit is performing exceptionally well,” said Clarke. “The units have been extremely easy to set-up, but what has impressed us the most has been that the unit is extremely quiet in operation.

“It has literally been a plug in and away you go. You have three units but it feels likes the whole thing is just one unit and you are using just the one power output. It’s so user friendly – we have been impressed from day one.”

Nifty features among the units include easy-to-open quick-release safety catches, a wide choice of grip and carry options, fix points and lashing straps to contain the unit and a heavy-duty power cord with a magnet-holder.

The Aerial units have played a huge role in this project, as Clarke continues to explain: “We are having to dry out the walls from the inside to dry out all the installation and this Aerial equipment is doing an excellent job in achieving that.

“We are injecting the pressure into the bottom of the wall and this subsequently vents out wet air through holes the we have made at the top of the wall.

“I will certainly be using this Aerial system going forward in future jobs and I would recommend this system to anybody.”

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