Find all of your Master products in the UK on one group website

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The UK Master Climate Solutions website has now been redirected to

The website is where you will find all group brands which include Calorex, Master, Dantherm and Aerial.

“We have all solutions, applications and technologies on one comprehensive site in the UK making it easier for the customer to find the product they want and who to contact for further information,” said Marketing Manager, Anne Guerrero.

“All marketing activities for group brands in the UK are controlled and promoted through social channels leading customers back to our website, making sure everything is coming from one place.”

“You will also find information about us including our products, applications, solutions and latest company news on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn under Dantherm Group UK.” She added.

For more information on all Dantherm Group’ brands, contact us on 01621 856611 or email or visit

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