Get ready for the heatwave!

The African plume is set to send temperatures soaring this week in the UK.

With this is mind Dantherm Group UK are offering great deals on all our mobile cooling units at exciting new price points giving you the reliability and peace of mind of the brand name at competitive costs.

We have a large range of products, we can offer temporary cooling to offices, workshops, restaurants, commercial kitchens, hotels, retail spaces, fitness centres, temporary structures and event organisations.

The ACT 7 mobile air-conditioner is designed for the small scale commercial temporary cooling market and has a cooling capacity of 7kW. Differing from more common air-cooled units, this unique water-cooled product will provide whole room cooling without the need to continually exhaust internal air.

An additional bonus is that the unit does not require an exhaust air duct to an outside wall. The ACT 7 utilises a heat reject unit that can be sited up to 30m away from the indoor unit with quick connect interconnecting flexible hoses.

Master bio coolers use a simple process of evaporation to decrease the temperature of the air. A pump takes water from a built-in tank to wet a large filter. A powerful fan pushes the warm incoming air through the wet filter. The energy used by the water as it evaporates, cools the air.

This is a low cost, environmentally friendly way of cooling large open areas. Evaporative coolers rely on fresh air flow to enable the process to work, so are best suited to open areas such as workshops (steel, glass, automotive), events (to provide ‘cool down’ areas), agriculture (to avoid heat stress to animals in a barn) etc.

Take a look at the new Master CCX 4.0 out this year. It’s great for cooling smaller areas such as shops, restaurants, workshops and offices!

To view all of our mobile cooling products visit the Mobile Cooling web page or contact us at | 01621 856611

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