Historic role for Calorex

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A wall mounted dehumidifier from Calorex is playing a vital role in the preservation of precious fossils and bones on display at the Ipswich Museum in Suffolk.

Curators had been concerned about the rapid decline in the quality of the exhibits, dating back to the earliest beginnings of human life.

They called in specialist local contractors RG Francis Industrial and Mechanical Services who specified a Calorex DH 15 to establish and sustain ideal climate conditions.

With vivid displays and reconstructions, the council-run museum fascinates those interested in history and natural history. Displays include a life size model of a woolly mammoth in the Suffolk Wildlife Gallery and what is widely regarded as the best collection of mounted birds in Britain in the Bird Gallery.

“We were called in because the fossils and bones were decaying too fast because there was too much moisture in a damp cellar area where they are stored,” explains Adrian Dries of RG Francis.

“Our prime aim is to maintain 50% humidity to preserve the bones and fossils in the best possible condition.”

Following a site survey, RG Francis specified the Calorex DH 15 unit as the best machine for the job because of its price, its easy installation and its 10 Amp supply. Calorex promptly delivered the unit and installation was carried out in one day by two engineers.

Ideal for public access environments, the DH 15 is a wall-mounted machine that offers tamper-proof controls in a cost-effective, compact package. The Calorex unit offers hot gas defrost which allows operation down to 0°C and is available as a through-the-wall version.

At 320mm high, 817mm wide and 360mm deep, the 35kg DH 15 provides humidity control for smaller spaces with all the features normally associated with larger commercial dehumidification units.

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