Hit the gym, not the floor!

It’s the New Year and for thousands of us it means getting down to the gym and working off those extra kilos we’ve put on over the Christmas period.

There are plenty of plush fitness centres but the trend these days is a more rough and ready environment like warehouses and industrial units where you will find Functional Fitness, Weightlifting and Boxing gyms.

The trouble with these facilities is with a lot of people training at the same time in large classes, moisture is created making floors and surfaces wet and dangerous to exercise on, and expensive equipment rusty.

By using one of our Calorex DH wall mounted dehumidifiers you will eliminate this problem and create a dry and safe workout space ready for the gruelling 6am class each morning.

They provide an efficient and cost-effective solution. Installations can be straightforward, as they only require positioning, connecting a power supply and drain. The units are standalone and there is no need for separate heaters, thermostats, fans and extraction systems.

We can offer you expert advice to help you solve any moisture problem. For more information contact Jeremy Neale on 01621 878 534 or email sales.uk@dantherm.com

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