Hotel delighted at Delta addition

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A Calorex Delta is delighting guests at a popular London hotel eager to enjoy the onsite leisure facilities.

The Holiday Inn in Shepperton had been in need of a new dehumidification system for several months, and a Calorex Delta was specified for their smart indoor pool and spa facility.

And the performance of the Delta is already having an instant impact on staff and their guests as Tim Biss, of Kew Green Hotel Group explains.

“The Delta is already doing a fantastic job,” he said. “We are delighted with the improvements it has made and the results are so noticeable, even before you step into the building.

“When you arrive to the hotel, you can view the main windows to the leisure club from the car park. I remember visiting the hotel to start work on installing the new Delta and you couldn’t even see anything inside from the steam and condensation on the window.

“Now when you pull up outside the hotel, you’re greeted to a more welcoming view and some of the great swimming pool and facilities inside.

“It was a pretty urgent job that needed to be undertaken and the Delta that Calorex have installed is a welcome addition to our facility.”

The Calorex Delta is a popular choice when is it comes to leisure centres, clubs or domestic pools and with its new touch screen technology and a remote internet connection, the upgraded system allows you to control your pool room directly from your smartphone.

All Calorex Delta models come with a 5.7” touch screen display providing a more flexible approach to system management.

The unit can be controlled and adjusted on-site to match fan speeds precisely to ductwork resistance and automatically vary exhaust speeds to match building load requirements.

The Delta’s installation at the London hotel also went off without a hitch and the professionalism of Calorex approved service agent, Central Heat Pumps also didn’t go unnoticed.

Biss continued: “The installation was a very simple procedure and we are delighted with the way Certikin*, have showed a high level of customer service.

“We set aside a week for the unit to be installed, but in actual fact the old dehumidification unit was removed on Tuesday and we had the new system up and running by Thursday.”

* Certikin are Calorex’s UK distributor.

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