How to beat the 'Beast from the East!'

As Britain braces itself for the full effects of the ‘Beast from the East’, Dantherm Group has the perfect solution for any building and construction site that may be exposed to its full force.

Freezing temperatures, an arctic cold snap and heavy snowfall means Britain looks set to feel its lowest ever temperatures in February for 30 years.

The Dantherm Group mobile product range has every heating, drying, cooling and ventilation solution to suit every application whatever size or demand.

Master Heaters for building and construction

The Master DC 61 mobile heater
The Master XL 61 mobile heater

Master products are used widely in the construction industry with their professional oil and gas fired air heaters an essential item to be on any construction site whether indoors or outdoors. As well as the heating products the Dantherm Group has a vast range of mobile dehumidifiers ideal for the construction market.

A very important issue when selecting the device is the ability to use it in difficult conditions, which means it has to be highly efficient and of durable construction. Our products are extremely mobile and cost effective to run. They are considered as basic equipment for construction businesses, rentals as well as for smaller finishing teams and individual fitters.

Apart from the basic function of heaters - raising ambient temperature, the device allows the workforce to continue working even in very low temperatures, they also allow to speed up various processes.

We can offer ready-made solutions for mobile heating and cooling on construction sites, and robust and hard wearing dehumidifiers for all types of building drying.

The Dantherm Group manufacture mobile dehumidifiers, heaters, air-conditioners and coolers and air movers in a range of sizes to suit any space. Whatever you need, Calorex, Dantherm, Aerial and Master have the answer to your climate control issue.

All products are supported by an in-house applications department and nationwide service network.

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