Keep the water in your cold-water tank cold this summer

Storing water is a great way to use a natural resource to your advantage, whether that’s for gardening, showering or for washing your car.

However, during the summer months, the one thing that will always happen if you have a storage tank is that your water will get warm allowing the growth of bacteria, algae and even the contamination of mosquitoes.

To prevent this from happening Calorex air-cooled water chillers are an ideal solution to the problem.

Calorex water chillers are equipped with cupronickel WRAS approved heat exchangers. This means that you can connect this chiller directly in line with the potable water giving you a more efficient and much simpler installation, see below infographic.

Installation to cool domestic water

Calorex water chillers come in domestic, commercial and industrial sizes.

For more information contact email or call our UK sales team on 01621 856611

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