Master fans helps cultivate tomato crop

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Two hundred Master DF 20 fans have been installed in huge greenhouses in southern Italy containing the tasty sweet Pachino cherry tomatoes.

The climate inside the greenhouses was very hot and humid and the owners wanted to have a constant air flow throughout the day time.

Master fans were placed inside the greenhouses to keep a proper air circulation flowing, moving the air round to prevent the growth of dangerous mould on the plants.

The installation was done at the height of approx. 250cm with the fans fixed to the basic frame of the greenhouse. They were then connected to a humidistat allowing to control the humidity level inside.

The Master fans were tested continuously for many months before they were permanently installed.

Master DF 20 fans are an ideal solution for these types of agricultural applications as they are very robust and reliable. They are easy to install and can be hung on either walls or ceilings.

They have a horizontal and vertical 360° rotation and the air stream is easy to adjust as well. The air displacement is 6,600m³/h for each unit, which usually works at the third fan speed for the shown application.

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