Master helps in Croatian refugee camps heaters

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In Croatia, the town of Slavonski Brod hosts the biggest refugee camp of the country. The winter has come, so tents are not enough to shelter refugees from the cold. They also need heating. This is why Master heaters are there, next to each of their green and white tents, providing a warm temperature against the sharp cold wind.

We do hope that our yellow heaters can somehow be considered like small suns in their harsh winter. Right until summer finally comes, Master will be there.

Our Croatian distributor, the company Hrgic d.o.o. has sent to the central refugee camp in Slavonski Brod over 70 pcs. of Master heaters at the beginning of December, 2015.

The Croatian National Protection and Rescue Directorate purchased 50 pcs. of BV 77 heaters with full sets of accessories like flexible hoses, room thermostats and exhaust pipes. All BV heaters are used now for the heating of the tents and a few fixed buildings which are in the circle of the refugee camp.

The Red Cross Croatia purchased also BV 170 heaters as well as a few infrared oil XL 61 and electric B 3,3. They are mostly used in some sections of warehouses where the Red Cross team is preparing clothes and food for refugees.

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