Preserve your classic car with a new CDF dehumidifier

​Dantherm Group have a number of wall mounted dehumidifiers which have been used in the classic car storage sector for a number of years.

Dantherm CDF dehumidifiers come in three sizes 40/50/70 and has a smart, modern design which looks great in any garage or car storage facility.

The new CDF range offers advanced control possibilities and a USB gate allows history data logging for easy fault detection. A newly developed remote control allows reading and setting of relative humidity and temperature, alarms and service information. To avoid unintended change of settings the remote control can be locked.

We have created an exciting video to show you how easy it is to install on your garage wall and is available to watch on our YouTube channel.

As well as the CDF range we have the Calorex DH series which goes from the DH 15 up to a DH 600, making us the one stop shop for all your car storage needs. To view our full range of dehumidifiers visit our application pages for car storage.

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