The Dantherm Group partners with ‘Love British Food’

Love British Food is an independently funded organisation run by people with a passion for local food and the beautiful British countryside that produces it. The organisation encourages people to discover the diverse and delicious food made in Britain and to actively seek it out on menus and in shopping aisles. The Dantherm Group and Love British Food share the passion for British food and want to make it viable for farmers and producers to continue to invest in farming and domestic food production because they will feel confident in consumer demand for their product.

Few industries rely on a consistent climate as much as the agricultural industry. Whether it’s keeping livestock warm or cool, heating greenhouses or drying out crops stored in bulk silos, maintaining the right temperature and humidity conditions is key to maximised yields that meet the highest quality standards.

‘Fact of the matter is that great local food requires control of temperatures, humidity, ventilation and more’, says Marcus Bailey, Sales Manager at Dantherm Ltd. and specialised in air-handling solutions for the agricultural sector. Commitment to high production standards is a cause near Marcus’ heart as he explains in this article promoting the #BackBritishFarming Day early September 2020. Having held various posts within the National Federation of Young Farmers, Marcus combines his degree in mechanical engineering with experience in sales, service, customer support and contract management to create bespoke climate control solutions for any agricultural application. Solutions containing dehumidifiers, heating units, cooling units, monitoring software and much more.

Next up - join us for the British Food Fortnight 2020!

British Food Fortnight saw the light of day in 2001 and today stands out as the biggest national celebration of diverse and delicious food produced in Britain. It runs both online and around the country from 19 September to 4 October.

More information on what it is all about here.

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