Property protected by Porta-Dry performance

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A picturesque 18th century cottage, located in the Hertfordshire countryside, has been given some much needed TLC thanks to a Calorex Porta-Dry.

The grade II listed property, near Bishop Stortford, has required extensive renovations that has spanned over two winters and a lack of heating, combined with building works and damp weather, saw humidity inside the building regularly rise to 99%.

The humidity problem at the cottage, which is constructed from traditional materials such as limecrete and lime render, was so severe that potential damage to some of the original timber structure and fixings was a serious problem.

The possibility of simply heating the property with temporary heaters during the renovation was not an option as it could have compromised the curing of the lime – so Calorex offered a solution to this problem through their Porta-Dry machine.

A Calorex PD 600, with optional humidistat, was seen as the dehumidifier to be tasked in gently and controllably removing moisture from the property so that condensation was prevented but the lime drying process was not compromised.

This was achieved with relevant ease and the results the Porta-Dry have managed to achieve have had an instant impact to the property as Lisa Hall explains.

“Once the dehumidifier was up and running, I managed to maintain humidity levels at just the right level to protect the property without compromising the lime drying process,” said Hall.

“As an added bonus the unit consumes less than 900w and automatically switches off when the desired humidity is achieved.

“I was really surprised at how quickly and effectively the Porta-Dry machines has worked in this property. It has certainly played an important role in protecting the history of this property.“

Porta-Dry dehumidifiers are fully contained, packaged units which incorporate a fan and a totally CFC-free refrigeration circuit.

They are specifically designed for mobile dehumidification and are built to withstand the rigours of construction sites and hire related wear and tear.

With two Porta-Dry dehumidifiers available (PD300 and 600), customers have plenty of choices, depending on the size of the project.

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