Swimming success for Calorex

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A Calorex combined heat recovery and dehumidifier unit is maintaining perfect conditions for swimmers at the Exmouth Leisure Centre in Devon.

The Calorex HRD 30 unit was installed in the pool room at the leisure centre last month, to replace an existing Calorex dehumidifier unit that had been successfully sustaining the air and water temperature since it was installed over 15 years previously.

“East Devon District Council specified the Calorex HRD unit over other air-handling units because of the additional heat recovery it offers, including heat recovery to water,” comments Mark Skelton of Exeter-based Integral UK, contractors for the project. “They had been very impressed with the previous Calorex unit and therefore wanted a direct replacement.”

Energy-efficient HRD systems, designed by Calorex of Essex, remove moisture from the atmosphere, collect its latent energy and re-use it to assist water and air heating, creating a self-perpetuating heat cycle that ensures energy costs are kept to a minimum.

Cost savings and lower CO2 emissions are two further benefits of the Calorex HRD unit.

Typically, for every unit of energy that a Calorex HRD consumes, it will convert three times this amount to useable heat. Compared to traditional heat and ventilation energy, cost savings of over 60% are not unheard of and corresponding CO2 emissions can be dramatically reduced by up to 70%.

Mark adds: “The installation process ran smoothly and the council and pool operators are now enjoying the benefits of the upgraded unit.”

Operated by LED Leisure Management Ltd, Exmouth Leisure Centre has two heated swimming pools – a 25m main pool and a learner pool, both are heated to around 30°C. Other facilities at the centre include a gym, squash courts and fitness studios.

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