The flexible Calorex Variheat is a perfect AHU to fit into a small plantroom

The Variheat range are sophisticated air handling units incorporating heat pump dehumidification technology. With dynamic heat recovery using a heat pump, the Variheat is the essential choice for a domestic or light commercial indoor swimming pool.

Over 3000 configurations offer the ultimate flexibility for tight plantroom spaces. This range is purpose designed for swimming pool environmental control, providing the necessary comfort, moisture related structural protection and economical operation.

Typically, for every unit of power that a Calorex Variheat consumes, it will convert more than twice this amount to usable heat. The potential energy savings are huge. In fact, compared to traditional heat and ventilation, considerable energy cost savings can be made, and corresponding CO2 emissions can be dramatically reduced.

It can also operate as low as 5°C to allow real energy savings. Each size of machine is available with a choice of heat exchangers, which are designed to match the flow temperatures of differing heat sources.

The Variheat comes with a PLC control system with 3.5” touchscreen user interface with remote monitoring and control with previous features that were optional, now as standard.

In addition to the wide variety of Variheat configurations already available, the electric box and user touchscreen may be moved (by the installer) to accommodate even more plantroom layouts.

This clever air handling unit is ideal for large domestic pools, holiday parks and campsites, hotels, spas and health clubs.

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