Water damage repair with a CDT dehumidifier

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According to recent statistics from the Danish Insurance Association (DIA), heavy storms during the summer cost about 600 mio in insurance compensation claims for damage.

Skadeservice Danmark, a client of Dantherm for more than ten years has never been so busy with emergency call-outs and during the period from 1 June to 15 September they were called out again and again to flooded basements, summer cottages, companies and public buildings.

Dantherm has supplied dehumidifiers to Skadeservice Danmark for many years but never before has the demand for their mobile CDT refrigerant dehumidifiers and AD-B desiccant adsorption dehumidifiers been as huge as it has this summer.

Most of Skadeservice Danmarks customers are insurance companies – both national and international – accounting for about 99% of their turnover.

Skadeservice Danmark was founded in 1989 and is today one of the largest and most prominent players on the Danish damage control market. They have 15 branches, approx. 260 employees and a large fleet of vehicles. Normally they are called out approximately 25,000 times per year to save property after fire and water damage. However, this figure is likely to increase this year, where the trade association DIA estimates that unusually high flooding has caused damage on buildings and assets to a value of more than 600 mio DKK alone during the summer period which is 140 mio DKK more than in the same period last year.

Flooding caused by storms are normally easily detected by Skadeservice Danmark but hidden areas caused by water damage are not so easily found. The following incident occurred with a home-owner in Hadsten earlier this year.

The home-owner who had just returned from his holidays was happy to discover that his house had not been flooded by the storms and there didn’t seem to be any visible water damage. However when he went into his sitting room, he wondered why his floor had popped up and was buckling beneath his feet. To find an answer to this problem he promptly called Skadeservice Danmark for help.

It is vital with water damage that immediate action is taken to prevent any further problems. Skadeservice sent their call-out agent to the house within hours to go and assess the site to find out where the water was coming from and to stop any further water getting into the house.

The water was consequently removed and a CDT dehumidifier placed in the property to start removing the moisture and drying out the room as quickly as possible.

In the case described above, the flooding was caused by burst pipes in the utility and living room. Therefore all flooring had to be removed in order to replace the pipes. Two Dantherm mobile dehumidifiers, CDT 30 S, had to be installed to get enough dehumidification capacity to dry out the room.

“In the living room only the wooden flooring had to be removed allowing the concrete to be dried out”, says Bent Sønderberg, Skadeservice Danmark in Hinnerup. “We decided to spread out a barrier layer and dry-out the area underneath it. By doing it this way we managed to reduce the moisture content and get the maximum efficiency out of the CDT 30 S.”

Drying the area out took almost four weeks, and only after four weeks we were able to relay the wooden flooring. The entire restoration work took almost three months and only then the home-owner could move back into his house again after an involuntary extra-long holiday to a home that was restored back to its pre-loss condition. All this is thanks to Skadeservice Danmark and two efficient Dantherm mobile dehumidifiers.

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