Temperature control of fish ponds

The Calorex Pro-Pac 16BMCY heater chiller has been especially developed for the environmental control of fish ponds.

The problem

A hot day can send the temperature of a pond soar, whilst a cold night can see it plummet rapidly. Fish are cold blooded and their body temperature matches the temperature of the pond, so sudden changes in temperature can cause physical stress and may lead to disease.

Koi Carp have been progressively interbred over many years to develop their colours and like most pedigree animals are relatively delicate. For this reason, they may develop health problems in unstable pond conditions.

The solution

The Calorex Pro-Pac 16BMCY is an ideal solution for keeping a pond in perfect growing conditions. The unit can operate in temperatures as low as -15°C, therefore protecting these valuable fish on even the coldest day of the year.

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