Keeping cows cool!

During the summer months, dairy cows can suffer from the heat which leads to loss of milk production. Very high temperatures create unpleasant conditions for the cows which cause them to dramatically decrease their milk output. Master coolers can help to keep a comfortable temperature level inside the barn and increases the cows’ productivity.

Evaporative coolers are the perfect solution for agriculture as lots of farms and livestock buildings are poorly insulated and are usually semi-open. Traditional air-conditioners are useless for such applications because of the high-loss of cold air. They can be also harmful for the animals. Air coolers provide a fresh and healthy environment with their robust construction making them highly resistant to damages. Quick installation, low running costs as well as high-efficiency make portable coolers the ideal solution for cooling utility and livestock buildings and also appeal to many animals breeders as well.

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Master coolers make cows happy!

Quick installation, low running costs as well as high efficiency more

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