Dry-ageing meat

Dry-ageing meat is an important process in the food industry with ageing being employed to improve two major meat characteristics – taste and tenderness. Dry-ageing works by exposing meats to a carefully controlled environment with precise temperature and humidity levels. The conditions necessary for dry-ageing require expensive refrigeration equipment, plus the significant moisture loss. By installing a DehuTech dehumidifier this will not only control the condensation levels but add to the flavour of the end product.

How an adsorption dehumidifiers work

At the heart of all DehuTech adsorption dehumidifiers is a slowly rotating rotor which is impregnated with desiccated silica gel. This rotor is divided into sections by stationary baffle plates and seals which are fixed into the housing of the dehumidifier. When air to be dried is passed across the process sector of this rotor, moisture is adsorbed from it by the silica gel.

In order to allow the dryer to continually adsorb moisture, preheated ambient air is drawn across the rotor’s regeneration sector. As this air passes across the silica gel contained within this section, it removes the trapped moisture. This moisture laden air is then rejected to outside. The regenerated silica gel is then slowly rotated back into the process air stream, allowing the dehumidification process to operate on a continuous basis.

Reliable – low maintenance cost

Due to their design, maintenance is simple. Perhaps more importantly, the design is inherently reliable, ensuring many years of trouble free service.


Easy installation with each dehumidifier is fully packaged, factory tested and is supplied with duct spigots, air filters and safety circuits.
Wide operating range effective dehumidification down to -30°C and 0% RH with either electric, steam or direct fired gas regeneration enabling us to specify the most energy efficient option.

Dantherm Group also manufactures refrigerant dehumidifiers in a range of sizes from the smaller wall unit to the large floor standing industrial sized system.

All products are supported by an in-house applications department and nationwide service network.

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