Prevent condensation in boats or ferries

Condensation can become a problem on cabin windows in boats or ferries if the humidity levels are not dealt with. Dehumidifiers provide a welcome environment for passengers and the crew and also protects the boat from structural damage.

Unlike most suppliers, the Dantherm Group product ranges include both refrigerant AND desiccant drying equipment. With products that span both technologies, we can offer impartial advice that provides a solution specifically suited for your application.

The process of dehumidification involves moisture-laden air (return air) being drawn into a dehumidifier where the air passes across a refrigerated coil. The air is rapidly cooled below its dew point, condensing the water vapour and recovering its latent heat energy for re-use. The cooled air is then passed across the condenser where it is reheated and (supply air) returned to the served area at the required lower humidity.

For more information on commercial dehumidification contact our sales team.

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