Temporary heating and cooling solutions for events

Temporary structures can be used in a number of applications including events, festivals, exhibitions, modular buildings for construction workers, trade shows and storage facilities.

By their very nature, a temporary building is only erected for a certain period of time and the internal climatic environment is sometimes overlooked which can cause humidity problems, damp and an uncomfortable working space.

The Dantherm Group can offer mobile healing, cooling and drying solutions as well as fixed systems if the temporary building, ie modular buildings, will be put up for a longer period of time such as on construction sites. Our heaters, dehumidifiers, ventilators and air coolers can be used both during pre-works and during the actual event.

Master heaters are frequently used for heating temporary structures such as tents and marquees with the range consisting of oil, gas and electric heaters. These products are very mobile and are quick to install which means that they are the perfect solution for temporary installations, where installing other heating systems would be unfeasible or time consuming.

Our indirect portable oil heaters are best used in these structures and are highly efficient providing large volumes of 100% clean, dry and fume free air. They can be used with flexible hoses that makes the warm air spread easily around the space.

Keeping guests and visitors cool and comfortable at any event during the summer is what are mobile air-conditioners and coolers are designed to do. Highly efficient, low-sound operation and easy to use they are quick and simple to install. We offer ready-made solutions for cooling tents and marquees with specially designed device accessories which allow for comfortable and effective use.

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