Control your climate to maximise your Cannabis ROI

Amazing air – amazing crop yields

Ventilation is to a grow room what respiration is to humans. Without a correctly dimensioned ventilation system, your cannabis plants will struggle to grow, and they won’t deliver the best possible yield.

Commercial cannabis growing requires specialist climate control systems, which can include heating, cooling, dehumidification and humidification. The complexity of the systems can vary depending on the growing methods and the end product being produced.

The purpose of grow rooms, greenhouses and other indoor plant-growing facilities is to enable plants of various kinds to grow in a complete climate-controlled environment, which helps maximise production without the worry from changes in external weather conditions. Indoor cultivation also reduces diseases and ensures the highest product quality.

The adverse side of uncontrolled grow room environments

Grow room environments without a climate control system may experience higher temperatures and consequently higher daytime moisture content. Therefore, when outside temperatures drop, condensation will form on cool surfaces, effectively creating an environment prone to mildew and fungus.

That has the potential to damage or destroy your crop yields.

Controlling botrytis cinerea (bud rot or gray mould) is key

The biggest challenge in cannabis production is the control of botrytis cinerea, also called bud rot. If left unresolved it can cause excessive yield reductions and profit losses.

What is bud rot (gray mould)?

Bud rot is a mould that develops in the dense cores of cannabis buds. Infections begin on the bud stem and from there spread further outwards. As a result, it is not easy to see bud rot with the naked eye in the early stage.

Once it has taken root, Bud rot destroys the surrounding bud and will soon begin to produce spores likely to infect other areas of the grow room. At first, it is white, then it turns grey and black and the bud becomes slimy and mushy. By then, it cannot be used anymore.

Most growers remove infected areas of the plant and leave the rest of the plant for continued growing. Sometimes, however, it may be necessary to remove the entire plant and perhaps even those around it as a protective measure. After all, no one wants to risk losing the rest of their crop.

How do you keep bud rot away?

Increasing air flow or adding more exhaust and circulation fans in the grow room will not do the trick. It will just increase your electricity bill. A correctly designed climate control system will maintain the humidity at acceptable levels to prevent Botrytis cinereal and help fight insect infestations

Climate control

The key to create optimal grow conditions for your cannabis grow room is to control your indoor climate. This is done best with a properly designed climate control system that enables you to fully control and maintain all the relevant factors that are ideal for cannabis growing. The system also needs to be capable of ensuring constant air movement everywhere in your grow room in order to eliminate risks of mould, fungus and pest.

Throughout the year, climate control in indoor grow rooms will help you:

  • Control day and nighttime temperatures (including lighting loads)
  • Control day and nighttime humidity levels
  • Maintain the level of CO2
  • Create the correct airflows and air changes in the grow room

Maintaining all the above will create a healthy environment and help reduce bugs and diseases within the grow room.

Specialised system design

It is possible to utilise either desiccant, heating and cooling or refrigerant technologies to create the correct climate control for your grow room.

The choice of the system will depend upon the individual application, grow room design and required conditions. Some of these systems systems make it possible to obtain energy savings because they are fitted with heat pumps, recuperators and heat recovery coils.

Control system design is also very important factor for a successful grow room installation. It is possible to incorporate data collection, remote monitoring and multiple sensors.

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