How a Delta air handling unit works

Calorex Delta pool air handling units (AHU) offer effective dehumidification and dynamic heat recovery for efficient control of swimming pool environments.

Located out of the way in the plant room, the Delta AHU connects to the duct distribution system, pool filtration circuit and hot water services.

Air from the pool hall is always recirculated through the Delta AHU and treated if necessary. During periods of low demand, the system operates in light dehumidification and heat recovery mode.

In this mode, the dynamic heat recovery system condenses moisture from the air and recovers the energy it contains for reuse.

Pool water circulating through the AHU is reheated using the recovered heat. A small proportion of the treated air is exhausted to outside. The recirculated air is combined with replacement fresh air, warmed by recovered heat and supplied to the pool area as hot, dry air.

When the control system detects increasing humidity, it automatically switches to full dehumidification mode. In this mode, up to 50% of the recirculated air volume is replaced with fresh air. Dry fresh air is warmed using recovered heat and supplied to the pool area as hot, dry air.

Using dynamic heat recovery the Delta AHU maintains a pleasantly warm and dehumidified environment in your pool at all times.

Delta air handling units offer:

  • Dynamic heat recovery to pool water and air
  • Energy efficiency
  • Compact dimensions
  • Fully automatic, complete environmental control
  • Supplementary water and air heating, with air-conditioning
  • Remote control facilities

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