How to achieve the perfect pool environment

Wasteful full fresh air systems should be discounted as an acceptable solution for indoor pools, argues Barry Littlemore, Calorex Product Manager. The additional latent load of a swimming pool needs a sophisticated solution that considers more than just the air heating. In these energy conscious times, ignoring the pool water heating is no longer an option.

Swimming pool environmental control

A swimming pool is essentially a large, warm bath of water, and it will evaporate at a significant rate while uncovered, losing energy at a significant rate in the process. Excess humidity must be removed from the pool hall and in less energy conscious times the solution was to exhaust the unwanted humid air and replace with drier fresh air. Unfortunately, not only does fresh air require heating, this solution also removes all the energy the exhausted moisture represents.

What is needed for swimming pool environmental control is an AHU that will recover all the latent heat lost by the pool in normal operation and return it back to the pool, thereby minimising pool heating requirements. Only a refrigerated heat pump system can provide efficient recovery of heat energy along with control over the potentially damaging humidity.

Considering the air and pool water heat losses separately is no longer good enough for modern energy concerns. An integrated approach, reducing fresh air to the minimum required, and recycling the energy lost by evaporation back into the pool water, is the way forward. To read more click on the article below.

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An effective solution for a modern energy concern

Wasteful full fresh air systems should be more


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