How to choose your Master heater

The chart below will help you choosing the best heater for your needs. The selection can be made in two ways: you can either refer to the power required (kW column) and choose the relevant heaters or refer to the room dimension (m3 column) and choose the correct heater according to level of insulation.

This calculation is intended for a temperature increase of 30 degrees: for lower or higher increases, the result will change in proportion. Example: for a temperature increase of 10 degrees it is required only 1/3 of the power indicated in the chart.Investing in Master products is a smart investment, however we want you to make you the right choice to long be able to benefit from your investment.

At Dantherm Group UK we have an international team of dedicated experts. Please do not hesitate to contact us, we are pleased to assist you finding your economical, practical, durable and efficient climate control solution.

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