What is the best climate control system for an indoor pool

The problem

There are many important factors to consider when planning and designing an indoor swimming pool. Maintaining a comfortable pool environment requires the pool water and air to be heated, and in many cases this heating is carried out by heat exchangers and boilers using oil or gas as fuel.

As a result of continuous evaporation, the pool water loses a significant quantity of heat. The resulting warm humid air is not only uncomfortable, but also contains vast amounts of valuable heat in the form of latent energy. This must be removed from the pool hall to protect the pool building from destructive condensation and chemical damage, whilst maintaining a safe and comfortable leisure environment for bathers.

​Reusing this energy, rather than wasting it and continually needing to replace it with new heat, offers the opportunity to combine effective environmental control with saving energy.

The solutions

It is impossible to avoid water evaporation in leisure centres and swimming pool halls, however using a carefully designed ventilation solution, the relative humidity can be controlled to a comfortable level. A swimming pool environmental control unit must carry out its primary task of dehumidifying the pool hall air, be designed and constructed to withstand the pool air environment, and provide a continuously modulated quantity of heated or cooled fresh air for the comfort of users. We can offer two solutions for indoor pools, with both heat pump and fresh air technologies. Dantherm and Calorex’s expert sales engineers can advise what the best solution is for your leisure centre air handling.

Heat pumps

A Calorex HRD will provide the complete answer to humidity control, water/air temperature control and real time fresh air requirements. By recovering the latent energy in the moisture laden air of a pool hall using heat pumps, a Calorex HRD will return this energy to heat the pool water or use it to assist with pool air heating. There is usually sufficient recovered energy to provide all the operational water heating requirements with any further surplus used for air heating.

Calorex systems can simultaneously care for and preserve the building structure, reduce energy usage by up to 70% and lessen associated CO2 emissions by up to 70%. As the units are based on heat pump technology, efficiencies are normally around 300%.

Fresh air ventilation

A complete solution like the DanX offers a wide range of benefits – from greatly improved air quality and no chlorine smell in the pool room, to options for free cooling in summer and very high dehumidification capacity during winter, when condensation problems can be serious.

The solutions are ideal for private pools and hotel pools as well as municipal and commercial projects in every climate around the world. From massive water fun areas and luxurious hotel pools to spa resorts, health resorts and traditional swimming pool halls.

Highly efficient heat recovery and low specific fan power, combined with an optimized control strategy, contribute to cost efficient operation and significant energy savings. All components are chosen to ensure high capacity and a long service life. The system lets you add as much as 100% outdoor air. Heat exchanger that delivers up to 95% heat recovery combined with low-energy EC fan motors and optimal, high efficiency compressor ensure the lowest possible operating costs.

On the basis of pool size, water temperature, air temperature, humidity and bathing activity, Calorex and Dantherm units can be designed to accommodate any requirement.

All products are supported by an in-house applications department and nationwide service network.

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